This project aims at boosting young people’s opportunities in society by contributing to enhance those skills necessary for them to succeed in 2020 Europe and which will facilitate their access to quality employment no matter what the gender or social background is.
The main areas addressed will be promoting entrepreneurship, developing technical and digital skills as well as foreign languages competence. Furthermore, a special attention will also be placed on broadening students’ horizons and improving their intercultural and social competence as a way to facilitate their work in international teams. We are convinced that offering new perspectives and supporting their formation will make a positive and active contribution to young people’s employability and well-being.
This blog will offer an overview of the work done and the outcomes and results achieved.


With regards to  promoting the take-up of practical entrepreneurial experiences in education, training and youth work:

- A Company Fair and start-ups ideas
- Visits to local companies, businesses and employment agencies and institutions in order to learn about job market opportunities and chances for future internships (Project meetings in each participating country and during bilateral exchanges)
- Research on topics such as present job regulations or future job needs,  documentaries and  reports (written and digital or video edited using free software) 
- Survey about  the differences and similarities as to job market regulations and possibilities or offers aimed at checking out the labour market. 
- Infographics on several topics (for example "green jobs")
- Video- reports on Voluntary and Part-time jobs as a way to test study and work vocations
-  Interactive map  showing  most demanded jobs in each country.  
- Workshops on creating logos, setting up a company, succeeding at a job interview, etc.
- Presentations,  guides  and checklists dealing  with  issues such as what to do or what not to do during an interview, how to record a short documentary or how to make a presentation
- Interviews with employers, experts, people in charge of human resources departments during which information and recommendations on how to start businesses or create their own employment,  where to find financial support, etc.
- Lectures and conferences on topics such as finding a job in the EU, opportunities in the field of sustainable agriculture or IT.

With respect to "promoting young people's social inclusion and well-being", 

-  Research on successful measures to support differentially-challenged people within the EU context. 
- Research on Gender Equality within the labour market

- Poster exhibition 
- " Boys and Girls" workshops promoting certain vocational education and training courses
- Visits, meetings with experts  and reports about organisations involved in helping people with disability into employment 

With respect to promoting language and intercultural competence

- Short -term exchanges
- Games and documents 
- Guide on learning, teaching and training activities

With respect to digital competence

- Workshops and video tutorials on Twinspace, free apps, cloud storage and collaboration, etc.
- Symbaloo webmix on mobile learning
- Infographics 
- Animations using powtoons
- Games using kahoot


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