This project aims at boosting young people’s opportunities in society by contributing to enhance those skills necessary for them to succeed in 2020 Europe and which will facilitate their access to quality employment no matter what the gender or social background is.
The main areas addressed will be promoting entrepreneurship, developing technical and digital skills as well as foreign languages competence. Furthermore, a special attention will also be placed on broadening students’ horizons and improving their intercultural and social competence as a way to facilitate their work in international teams. We are convinced that offering new perspectives and supporting their formation will make a positive and active contribution to young people’s employability and well-being.
This blog will offer an overview of the work done and the outcomes and results achieved.

Project Meetings


1. Meeting held at Liceo Scientifico Mario Pagano, in Campobasso (Italy)

 April 2015

Finding a job in the EU- Voluntary and part-time work- Summer jobs - Opportunities in the field of sustainable agriculture, tourism and culture- Jobs of the past- Copyrights and logo design- Getting to know the needs  and perspectives of EU and international market

2. Meeting held at IES P. Jiménez Montoya, in Baza (Spain)

 April 2016

Promoting the inclusion of differentially-challenged people  - Digital competence to enhance future job opportunities- Job opportunities in the field of renewable energies,  technologies and vocational education and training - Equal opportunities in the Labour Market-

The meeting from the students' perspective

3. Meeting held at Ulenhof College, in Doetinchem (Holland) September 2016

Language competence- The Shape of Future Jobs  and the competences  required- Developing Intercultural Competence- Evolution of Jobs and trades- Fighting stereotypes- Meeting and interviewing immigrant workers (useful competences and skills)

4. Meeting held at Ernst Sigle Gymnasium, in Kornwestheim (Germany)  February 2017

Chances of finding a job  in Europe - The most demanded university degrees by companies- The job interview- Advertising and marketing strategies- Promoting entrepreurship-  Setting your own company- Getting to know the field of industry and insurance

The meeting seen from the students' perspective

5. Final Start-up Fair, at Ernst Sigle Gymnasium

Bilateral Meetings

Building European citizenship - Promoting language, digital and intercultural competences- Entrepreneurship - Helping young people develop skills and the capability to face challenges in their lives- Improving job opportunities in the EU and International Market-