This project aims at boosting young people’s opportunities in society by contributing to enhance those skills necessary for them to succeed in 2020 Europe and which will facilitate their access to quality employment no matter what the gender or social background is.
The main areas addressed will be promoting entrepreneurship, developing technical and digital skills as well as foreign languages competence. Furthermore, a special attention will also be placed on broadening students’ horizons and improving their intercultural and social competence as a way to facilitate their work in international teams. We are convinced that offering new perspectives and supporting their formation will make a positive and active contribution to young people’s employability and well-being.
This blog will offer an overview of the work done and the outcomes and results achieved.

Digital Competences

Since digital competence has become a must for employability and active citizenship,  most of the work and activities have focused on , or at least contributed to the development of the five competences areas established by the European Digital Competence Framework: Information, Communication, Content Creation, Safety and Problem solving.   Among the activities completed, there have been workshops on the use of free software addressed to teachers and students, tutorials on cloud storage and use of Web 2.0 apps, tasks implying the creation of content by means of mobile apps , etc. To support the development of this competence, talks, brief tutorials and guides have been produced informing about safety and copyright issues, how to record video documentaries or edit audio files.

I. Cloud Computing & storage

- Workshop on Cloud Storage & Google Apps
- Workshop on Google Forms

II. Mobile Apps and Learning:

  • Workshop: QR Codes
  • Mobile Learning Infographics (see below)
  • Kahoot

III. Collaborative tools to present information:

  • Workshop on Infographics
  • Prezi presentations
IV. Twinspace and European Portals:
  • How to start and run Twinspace
  • Live events
  • How to use EURES

For more information on the apps and tools used, visit the project symbaloo site